Stroke – Act F.A.S.T

The Department of Health is relaunching its highly successful Stroke - Act FAST campaign this week to help members of the public recognise the signs of Stroke and know what to do. Only a hospital test can confirm a stroke for sure, but it's important to know the signs, and be able to respond quickly, if you suspect someone is having a stroke. If you would like any more information you can visit the official NHS Act FAST Page here An easy way of remembering the signs and how to act is ...

Patient experience in adult NHS services

NICE has published a quality standard and guidance which aims to ensure that patients have an excellent experience of care in the NHS. The quality standard aims to ensure that patients are given the opportunity to discuss their health beliefs, concerns and preferences in order to individualise their care. The guidance promotes person-centred care that takes into account a patient's needs, concerns and preferences.