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The National Ambulance Service Association of Retired Personnel

For those of us who joined the National Ambulance Service (NAS) of Ireland in 1970s and 80s we did so as a vocation and dedicated our lives to service and protect our clients in their time and need.

Over our 30 – 40 years of service we have witnessed major changes in both structures and in technology all of which we supported resulting in the highly professional pre- hospital emergency service delivered today.

However, as we retire the door closes behind us and our dedication and support no longer required or indeed recognised, as a result a small number of retired members decided to form an association of retired personnel for which we have received the full support from the Director of the NAS.

Objective of the National Ambulance Service Association of Retired Personnel
  • The establishment of new contacts through a national association group so developing friendships and camaraderie at branch, regional and national level. To continue to receive updates on developments within the NAS with the hope that some would join local Community First Responder Groups.
  • To ensure good health and wellbeing by involvement in an active life style and the continuation of friendships gained over years by regular contact e.g. monthly breakfast mornings
  • To have an involvement in commemorative events by the wearing of an agreed dress code.
  • To affiliate our association with the Alliance of Retired Public Servants so ensuring representation at government level on subjects such as pension restoration
The Future
  • To have our association recognised by the wider Health Service Executive as an integral part of the NAS
  • To be in a position to assist all upcoming retirees in their transition from work to retirement
  • To share our experiences of the changes and developments over years with new recruits in training so they can appreciate today’s service.

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Tel: + 353 1 4631624/6

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