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Best Practice at Scottish Ambulance Service

Practicing Realistic Medicine

In line with the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland’s ambition, the Scottish Ambulance Service aim is that by 2025 everyone who provides health and social care will demonstrate their professionalism through the approaches, behaviours and attitudes consistent with Realistic Medicine.

Our value-based approach will consider how we will allocate resources to different groups equitably, in a way that maximises value for the whole population.

  • Improving the quality and safety of services to increase the value from resources we allocate
  • Basing decisions on the best current evidence, careful assessment of an individual’s condition and what matters most to the patient.

 Read the Practising Realistic Medicine: Chief Medical Officer for Scotland’s annual report here.

Achieving Realistic medicine 

Realistic Medicine proposes a model which promotes better health, better care and better value.

It is tailored to individuals, delivered with empathy and by sharing in decisions.

This model is in line with the Scottish Ambulance Service Quality Approach (SASQA), the ethos of which is to place the person at the centre of everything we do.



SAS aspires to deliver care in this way to all of the people we serve.   We commit to this vision by moving towards a model of care which promotes Realistic Medicine goals to:

  • Change our style to one of shared decision making
  • Build a personalised approach to care
  • Reduce harm and waste
  • Reduce unnecessary variation in practice and outcomes
  • Manage risk better
  • Become improvers and innovators
  • Ensure all of our staff feel valued

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