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The SCAS Clinical Pathways App

The SCAS Clinical Pathways app has been designed to give our crews clear guidance on the most suitable patient destination for patients presenting with:

  • Major trauma
  • Maternity emergencies
  • Vascular emergencies
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack.
How does it work?

The app uses GPS technology to identify the location of the patient, then recommends the most suitable destination.

The app shows:

  • The recommended hospital, based on the clinical information.
  • The estimated drive time from the scene
  • The pre ED arrival alert telephone number for the recommended destination
  • The recommended entrance
  • The times of opening
Who is the app for?

The app can be downloaded onto both iOS (i.e. iPhones) and Android devices and is free to all staff.

It is particularly useful for staff working outside of their ‘usual’ area, such as:

  • HEMS staff
  • Ambulance officers with Trust-wide responsibility
  • Private providers
  • Bank staff
  • Staff working overtime in areas where they are not familiar
Does the app give clinical guidance?

The app highlights all the Clinical Performance Indicators (CPIs) relating to the clinical condition. This serves as a ‘jogger’ to remind crews to fill in the essential fields in their patient documentation.

What happens if a hospital changes its telephone number?

When a change occurs, such as a change of a hospital telephone number or opening hours then this is changed within 48 hours.

How was the app developed?

The app was generously funded by the South Central Ambulance charity, and created by a professional app development company ‘Volatile State’.

The app underwent a prolonged testing period, during which each piece of information, such as pre-arrival alert numbers, were all checked for each receiving unit.

The app has been downloaded by over 1,500 of our staff and the feedback has shown that it has:

  • Reduced crew anxiety
  • Improved the patient experience
  • Improved patient safety
  • Highlighted by the CQC as a technology exemplar
Have there been any problems with the app?

There were concerns that anyone could download the pre arrival alert telephone numbers for the receiving hospitals. For this reason the telephone numbers have been locked. To unlock the numbers our Band 6 clinicians and above have been issued with a code that unlocks all the functionality.

Our prolonged testing ensured that all the telephone numbers were correct. However we did discover that one of the pre-arrival alert numbers was incorrect and connected to a Chinese restaurant. It truly was a Wong number!

Mark Ainsworth-Smith
Consultant Pre-Hospital Care Practitioner

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