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Best Practice at West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust

The NHS Global Digital Exemplar Programme

West Midlands Ambulance Service has been selected to be part of the NHS Global Digital Exemplar Programme 

Within our programme WMAS are working on 4 themes:

  • EPR (expanding the use of our electronic patient record)
  • Insight (exploring our data to find answers and take action)
  • Interoperability (exchanging information with partners)
  • Digital maturity (improving our digital capability across the trust).

To support these themes a wide range of projects have started:

  • We are the first trust to deploy our EPR to community first responders (CFRs).  This ensures that the full patient contact is captured digitally but also allows CFRs to access the same guidelines that our clinical staff access.
  • The trust is the ambulance pilot site for accessing the NHS Digital Child Protection Information System (CP-IS).  When a vulnerable child is in contact with an unscheduled care setting, CP-IS identifies contacts and provides supporting information to our staff.
  • We are working with the other ambulance GDE trusts (North East Ambulance and South Central Ambulance) to develop common solutions, for example transfer of patient information to hospitals when we handover our patients.  This approach supports the hospital in improving patient flow through the department and ensures that information relating to ambulance treatment is readily available.
  • Through our programme we are seeking to ensure that the Trust operates with optimum efficiency both by introducing new system (e.g. stock control) and through implementation of new system monitoring tools so that we can identify variation in practice and seek to learn and improve.
  • As new solutions emerge we will look to implement them.  We are implementing a tool so that our staff can identify options for patients who do not need to go to a hospital emergency department but might need some support (walk in centre, dentist, pharmacy).

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