The foreword to the 2016 edition

Welcome to the 2016 revision of the JRCALC UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines.

These guidelines reflect the extended role of ambulance clinicians in today’s NHS.

The updated guidelines recognise the changes in urgent and emergency care and a shift towards an increased proportion of the initial assessment of urgent care patients being undertaken by ambulance clinicians.

JRCALC has continued to grow under the AACE banner and has a new streamlined structure enabling continuing responsive updated guidance to be produced in line with advances in practice and care. JRCALC’s independent status remains valuable to the pre-hospital community in producing evidence based best practice.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all those who have contributed to these guidelines as well as previous editions as our guidance continues to evolve.

Dhushy Surendra Kumar, Chair, JRCALC
Simon Brown, Chair, JRCALC Guideline Development Groups


AACE is proud to support the publication of the 2016 UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines as recommended by JRCALC. Building on the very successful format of the 2013 edition, we are pleased to include some significant revisions and areas of new guidance. As we go to print, it is unclear which publishing medium will be the most popular over the next few years.

We don’t think ‘2016’ will be the last printed volume but we are very aware of the need to meet the varying needs of current practitioners. Whilst commending this book to you, in whichever format you choose to use, we will continue to work with our publishers and other experts to ensure paramedics and all ambulance clinicians can continue to access the best guidance, in a timely manner and in a format that suits them and the environment in which they are working.

Steve Irving
Executive Officer, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives