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Title Book Section Date
Thoracic Trauma – Pathophysiology Reference Edition Thoracic Trauma February 15, 2017
Asthma (Children) – Assessment and Management Reference Edition Asthma (Children) January 18, 2017
0.9% Sodium Chloride – Trauma Emergencies in Children Reference Edition, Pocket Book 0.9% Sodium Chloride January 16, 2017
Asthma (Adults) Table 3.50 and Figure 3.11 Reference Edition, Pocket Book Asthma (Adults) January 16, 2017
Trauma Emergencies Overview (Children) – Circulation Management Reference Edition, Pocket Book Trauma Emergencies Overview (Children) January 16, 2017
Paracetamol additional information Reference Edition, Pocket Book Paracetamol January 6, 2017

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