Falls in Older Adults: new JRCALC guideline

Description: This is a completely new guideline.- The term ‘mechanical fall’ is not an appropriate term to use when describing a fall.- Initial assessment should exclude the possibility of syncope.- A thorough and careful physical examination is required along with a high index of suspicion, to exclude common but easily missed injuries.- Some older people who fall may prefer to be managed in the community or at home, and where possible this should be supported, particularly where family/carers can also provide support.- All older people who have fallen resulting in an ambulance call/attendance, but are then managed at home, should be offered referral pathways as per local guidelines.- Ambulance clinicians have a role to play in talking with people who are at risk of falling, or who have fallen, to try and prevent further falls.
Date Update Posted Online: September 7, 2017
Book: Reference Edition
Section Title: Falls in Older Adults
Guidelines Print Date: September 20, 2017
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