Haemorrhage During Pregnancy

Description: - A new algorithm on haemorrhage during pregnancy is included.- Haemorrhage during pregnancy is broadly divided into two categories, occurring in early and late pregnancy.- Haemorrhage may be revealed (evident vaginal blood loss) or concealed (little or no obvious loss).- Practical guidance for management of pregnancy loss and fetal tissue in early pregnancy is included.- Pregnant women may appear well even when a large amount of blood has been lost (tachycardia may not appear until 30% of circulating volume as symptoms of hypovolaemic shock occur very late, by which stage the woman is critically ill).- Obtain venous access with large bore cannulae (16G).- In the presence of a confirmed miscarriage, intramuscular administration of Syntometrineshould be considered.
Date Update Posted Online: September 7, 2017
Book: Reference Edition
Section Title: Haemorrhage During Pregnancy (including Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy)
Guidelines Print Date: September 20, 2017
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