2013 – a busy year of achievement for the AACE (Part 1)

AACE has already made significant progress towards achieving its objectives for the year. Here are just some of the highlights of achievements to date in 2013:

Clinical Developments

  • pocket_coverThe UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines were published following lengthy development with JRCALC and National Ambulance Service Medical Directors. Work is already underway scoping future editions and updates.
  • AACE are discussing with the British Heart Foundation the expansion of Public Access Defibrillators and the co-ordination of local databases.

Building External Relationships

  • We have established a strong collaborative relationship with the College of Paramedics and now meet quarterly to consider joint working opportunities and areas of mutual interest.
  • We have built strong links with the Foundation Trust Network and are looking at potential lobbying and engagement opportunities and events facilitated by them.
  • We have held several meetings with CFOA and ACPO to discuss areas of common interest and explore areas for collaboration. These included a meeting between the AACE Board and CFOA’s Presidential Team in July to discuss the Knight Review of Fire and Rescue Services.
  • ALF 2013 - RCP StandWe have established strong working links with the Care Quality Commission.
  • We have discussed common issues with the Independent Ambulance Authority (IAA) and continue to meet quarterly.
  • We worked with the NHS Confederation to establish the Urgent and Emergency Care Forum
  • We have established meetings with the British Heart Foundation and colleagues from the Resuscitation Council UK to see how AACE can help to improve the survival rate from cardiac arrest.
  • We now have the devolved administrations of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on board as Associate Members of AACE, as well as the “Island” services of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. The Isle of Wight continues to play an active part in AACE activities.

International Links and Consultancy

  • The AACE has undertaken a strategic review of the Ambulance Service in Gibraltar and continues to assist with the development of the Irish National Ambulance Service.
  • The AACE is now able to provide consultancy services on a commercial basis to a range of healthcare organisations.  For more details contact Steve Irving.

Part Two of our update is now available here.