Keith Miller

Keith Miller
Education & Training



Keith Miller has enjoyed a long career in the NHS spanning 45 years. He joined the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust in 1975 where his clinical career included time spent working in frontline operations as a qualified ambulanceman. Keith undertook training in the emerging prehospital skills as they were introduced into the service before qualifying as a registered paramedic. Keith was also one of the first paramedics in London to gain a degree in Paramedic Science.

He then transitioned from his clinical career into an educational pathway delivering all aspects of clinical and driving education within the Trust. He has also held several senior managerial positions within the Trust with responsibility for the delivery of the education associated with accelerated recruitment programmes, the implementation of a new Control and Dispatch system and also the transition to the delivery of regulated awards and the introduction of the apprenticeship scheme within the ambulance service.  He has also led a national review of the current clinical awards to ensure that they remain current and fit for purpose.

He is an accomplished and highly motivated senior level health leader with an evidenced history and track record of delivery at the highest level within the educational environment.