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Excelerate is a specialist and leading Technology Partner, providing solutions to a range of markets, from Public Safety, Emergency Services, Healthcare to Commercial and Maritime sectors.

Through a combination of cellular, satellite and wireless technology, we provide integrated products and solutions that overcome boundaries and limitations – enabling the flexibility needed for mobile and remote environments.

We are technology agnostic. Instead of focusing on a ‘one size fits all’ approach we focus on matching and applying the right technology to the application. Having developed seamless connectivity for a connected ‘smart’ ambulance in our export markets, we are now bringing this technology to the UK.

Hybrid Connex: The Digital Ambulance of the Future Project

Hybrid Connex, an Excelerate-led consortium project combines a hardware platform (hybrid communications module) and a fully-managed service (hybrid communications as a service) which integrates high throughput satellite, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G networks enabling ambulances and healthcare pathways access to fast, secure, seamless and fully-optimised connectivity and cloud services.

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Aire Innovate is a new health tech solutions provider — born out of the success and healthcare expertise of our sister company, Aire Logic Limited.

Our work with Ambulance Trusts

AireCDR is an Electronic Controlled Drugs Register for Ambulance Trusts, which allows paramedics and other ambulance staff to quickly and securely perform key activities relating to the handling and recording of controlled drugs. The solution is legislatively-compliant and designed to align with crew workflows in a way which stock management solutions often are not. At the same time, we recognise that no two Trusts or Departments work in exactly the same way, so we have designed the solution to be flexible so that it can cater to your workflows and individual needs.

Low code, high impact solutions

We offer a suite of standalone products, which are even more powerful when combined to create a platform that solves specific healthcare challenges. Unlike off-the-shelf products, we enable fast-paced innovation at the point of care.

Healthcare organisations can evolve and adapt our technology over time rather than using single-use apps that don’t have the flexibility to grow with their changing needs.

HealthTech doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming.

Our low-code solutions can help healthcare organisations improve workflow efficiency and patient experience without committing significant time and resources to the development process.

Healthcare teams can create, iterate and release apps in just a fraction of the time using bespoke methods.

Ambulance Radio Programme

The Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) provides critical operational communication services for the NHS Ambulance Trusts enabling voice and data services for ambulance mobilisation and incident management. ARP are delivering end of life replacement and upgraded solutions for ambulance control rooms and mobile communications (both personal and in vehicle).

The programme of work will replace the end-to-end services currently in service, this was originally to enable the use of the new LTE Emergency Services Network (ESN) being delivered by the Home Office through the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP). Due to significant delays with ESN the replacement services will continue to utilise the incumbent supplier (Airwave) and commercial mobile network LTE services. This will also enable the ambulance service to connect onto ESN in a timely manner when it is ready for service.

Watch a demonstration: ARP will be bringing a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) and bench kit to ALF that demonstrates integration solutions to in-built vehicle infotainment screens.

The ARP is being developed in conjunction with Telent, Terrafix, Panasonic and Frequentis. You can learn more about them below.


Telent are a technology services business, supporting Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) deliver two major programmes covering the “Control Room Solution” and the “Mobile Data Vehicle Solution” replacing the existing communication systems with new digital services. Working in collaboration with ARP, Telent are also preparing to provide the ongoing support for existing hand-held communication terminals used by ambulance staff. Providing a complete portfolio of technology solutions for the emergency services, Telent’s expertise includes: Control Rooms, Networking Solutions, ICT Managed Services, Vehicle Connectivity Solutions, Cloud Services and a range of Radio Systems.


Terrafix are a System Solution Provider working mainly on Mobile Data Systems to the Emergency Services and have successfully supplied systems across UK for over 30 years. Terrafix have been successful in becoming the chosen supplier for both the in-vehicle Mobilisation software NMA and the Vehicle Hardware solution. We are also involved in the provision of the Support and Maintenance of the systems as a sub-contractor to Telent.

The current MDVS program has seen the development of NMA giving a new look and feel to the mobilisation of crews and is fully compliant with the latest Road Traffic Act legislation for screen use in vehicles. The Application is complemented with the inclusion of Incident viewer Application which, when combined, gives a controlled, data rich environment to single and multi-user crews.

The Vehicle hardware solution has taken a COTS tablet and coupled it with a bespoke critical communications router developed and manufactured by Terrafix, the TVR. The solution which is ESN compliant, gives a standardised architecture and is being rolled out across all Ambulance Trusts. Future enhancements to this system will introduce the use of the in-built vehicle Infotainment System as the user interface.

To complete the picture, Terrafix, working as a sub-contractor to Telent, will be part of the national Field Services provision, helping to support Ambulance vehicle fleets for the duration of the contracts.


TOUGH is braving the odds when it matters most

We’ve worked in partnership with ambulance services for over 20 years to deliver award-winning, vehicle-mounted and handheld rugged mobile computing solutions – providing built-for-purpose technology that’s fit for today’s digitally enabled emergency services.

Out on the frontline, your work is challenging enough without worrying whether your mobile IT is up to the task. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK PCs are eight times more reliable than average industry notebooks without rugged features*

Another reason we’re trusted by our partners is the strength of our portfolio. We offer a wide range of fully rugged, crash-tested, fixed or easily transferrable docking solutions for police cars and vans, ambulances and fire trucks.

Using our advanced engineering capabilities, we can design, develop, build and install custom docks and mounts, ensuring they meet they all necessary requirements for instance CEN European standard for ambulances.

* VDC 2017 Report – Beyond the Device: Evaluating the Solutions Capabilities of Leading Rugged Mobile Computing Vendors


Frequentis safety-critical communication and information solutions leverage more than 75 years of cross-industry experience in civil aviation, defence, public safety, maritime and public transportation markets.

Frequentis’ Public Safety domain has been supplying emergency services organisations with highly reliable, easy-to-use control centre solutions for over two decades. As communication technology evolves toward more open and multimedia-oriented standards and platforms, Frequentis is leading the way in defining and implementing these standards through active participation in industry organisations, such as EENA, NENA, APCO and TCCA.

Frequentis is part of the Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) control room modernisation and is responsible for replacing the communication systems across all 13 UK Ambulance Trusts – 11 in England, one in Scotland and one Wales. The aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency responses, ensuring that vital communications are seamlessly transmitted between emergency service providers.

Frequentis is providing its multimedia communication solution, 3020 LifeX™, to ARP. This next-generation solution is designed to handle multimedia communication on one application, giving control room operators a comprehensive view of key information during incidents. This real-time visibility will enhance interworking and resilience, help optimise resources and, in turn, ensure members of the public receive the appropriate level of care in the best possible time.

The software seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure and is scalable, depending on demand. This scalable system can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each individual Ambulance Trust.

The solution is currently live for Isle of Wight, Wales, Scotland, and West Midlands Ambulance Services.

CSS Europe

Pro-Cloud Ambulance; Ensuring the right equipment is in the right place at the right time for the right task to facilitate high-quality patient care, reducing harm and maximising cost efficiency.


Galen is privately owned pharmaceutical company established in 1968, whose purpose is to be of Extraordinary Service to their patients, healthcare professionals and partners, so together they can benefit the health of all generations.

With over 50 years’ experience, Galen have 75+ products across a diverse range of therapy areas including emergency care, oncology, gastroenterology and dermatology. Through commercial operations in the UK and Europe, and global partners in every continent, Galen are positioned to distribute products worldwide.

Galen is the proud founding member of the Almac Group of world-class companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. The Group is wholly owned by the McClay Foundation, a charitable institution, whose overarching aim is to make a meaningful improvement and advancement in human health.

Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch® is the global leader in offering research-based protocol solutions to emergency call centres in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage disciplines. For over 43 years, EMS and 999 agencies have utilised the IAED™-approved and award-winning Medical Priority Dispatch System™, starting with manual cardsets and now including ProQA® Paramount software. Our solutions encompass structured protocols and a gold-standard Quality Management Programme, as well as training, certification, and ongoing education—all proven over millions of calls, and catering to communities in 30 languages across 59 countries worldwide. Get acquainted with us at

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CSAM Optima

Industry-leading simulation software that enables emergency services to model operational decisions to optimise resource allocation, support data-driven decision-making and inform long-term strategic planning. The solution also enables dispatchers to make the right decision in real-time with advanced operations modelling and smart recommendations.


Integro-E Is a Game Changer in electric Ambulance design Offering greater range with virtually no charge time.

Here at International Ambulances, we build bespoke ambulances with both the Aceso and Integro-E the only purpose-built ambulances available today. Provisions for a battery electric vehicle variant under “Integro-E” branding or options for multi-fuel combustion and battery hybrid vehicles under the “Aceso” brand. Both product offerings will be specified and completed in such a way as to attain the required and advised ISO certifications as well as BS EN 1789:2020

First and foremost, this is NOT a vehicle conversion but a bespoke British-built Ambulance. All current ambulances today are based on a commercial vehicle chassis configuration from various vehicle manufacturers where there are many drawbacks to converting these to emergency patient-focused vehicles.

Here at  Integro-E we’re building on the great work already being done by trusts across the county to reduce the impact on public health and the environment, save money, and help reach net carbon zero.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a global leader in public safety and enterprise security. Our solutions in land mobile radio communications, video security & access control and the command center, bolstered by managed & support services, create an integrated technology ecosystem to help make communities safer and businesses stay productive and secure. At Motorola Solutions, we’re ushering in a new era in public safety and security.


ORH helps emergency services around the world to optimise resource use and respond in the most effective and efficient way. We also evaluate control room practices, improve delivery for non-emergency transport and support a range of other public sector organisations.

Bronze Sponsors


For more than a decade, Bliksund has been the preferred provider of software solutions to Nordic emergency & healthcare services through our operations management software (GRID), ePCR software (EWA) and live video streaming (IncidentShare). Since 2019, Bliksund has been the nationwide provider of ePCR software to the Norwegian Regional Healthcare Authorities. Through deep field experience in the industry, Bliksund enables the digital transformation of emergency and healthcare professionals’ working days.

By streamlining your work, we help you improve efficiency and collaboration, and let you focus on patient treatment. More than 20 % of our employees have field experience in te emergency services, including pre-hospital services, emergency departments & dispatch, fire and rescue services, as well as defence medical services. We know what is at stake and how important intuitive and user-friendly solutions are. Bliksund provides what you need to get digital control, insight, and common situational awareness, both in everyday work and emergency situations.

Blue Stream Academy Ltd

Blue Stream Academy equips health and care providers with a dynamic eLearning and management solution, supporting the highest quality of patient/resident care through better education, experience, and development, trusted by over a quarter of a million people.

With over 125 CPD-certified eLearning modules, a fully integrated Management of Information System (MIS), and multiple manager and trainee add-ons, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with our Urgent/Tailored Care UK Accounts Manager, Daniel, at to book a demo today!

Class Professional Publishing

Class Professional Publishing is the award-winning and leading independent publisher for prehospital care in the UK. We support emergency services staff with high quality custom products, publishing both digital and physical resources, including the brand new title Primary Care for Paramedics, the bestselling Clinical ECGs in Paramedic Practice, as well as the JRCALC Clinical Guidelines and all associated apps: JRCALC Plus, iCPG, Responder Plus, ParaPass and the newly released ParaFolio.

Visit the Class stand at ALF 2023 to view our full range and to chat to our team about how our apps can be customised to meet the needs of your ambulance service and your clinicians.


Doc-works has specialised in developing and integrating systems for NHS Trusts and Private Providers for 20 years. Our digital solutions for electronic capture, storing and recording patient care records, referrals and cloud-based audit can help you to improve patient care, monitoring, reporting, clinical audit and CQC compliance.

Whether it’s facilitating the data transfer of vital information across various platforms to ensure patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time or transitioning from paper-based to digital systems, our expertise ensures a seamless connection that meets the unique needs of the ambulance, health and social care sector.


FutureQuals is the UK’s leading ambulance service qualifications and apprenticeship end-point assessment organisation. Our comprehensive offer includes a full range of qualifications and industry specific apprenticeship standards. We are recognised to provide regulated qualifications in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and apprenticeship end-point assessment in England by working in collaboration with governments, regulators, professional and industry bodies including the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, AACE and their in service networks such as the National Education Network for Ambulance Services, NENAS and the Driver Training Advisory Group, DTAG.

Our mission is to ensure that the qualifications and assessments we provide are respected by industry, regulated by the four home nations regulators and fit for the current and emerging workforce roles within the ambulance sector.



With over 30 years’ expertise in cardiology, Ortivus’s MobiMed is a leading global provider of efficient pre-hospital care solutions. Healthcare personnel rely on MobiMed to monitor vital parameters and access real-time patient records, ensuring safer clinical decisions. The system’s modularity and flexibility enhance its functionality.

MobiMed’s solutions include MobiMed Monitor for vital signs, MobiMed ePR for decision support, MobiMed Life for heart-safe solutions, and MobiMed Cloud for continuous care, MobiMed enRoute offers navigation and case management, and finally MobiMed FleetCtrl provides comprehensive fleet management and medication inventory.


We are a leading technology-based company with many years’ experience in providing specialist products and solutions for the mission critical Emergency Services industry and other related markets. Our operating brands, including MedServ, MedSupply, Insight, and Asset Finance, give us the ability to flex and adapt to our customers’ demands, helping support our mission to continually improve and deliver better health outcomes for all.


Leading the way in emergency care and resuscitation.

Philips helps you respond to emergencies quickly and effectively wherever they occur. Offering a wide range of innovative, evidence-based emergency care and resuscitation solutions and supporting you with clinical training, services, accessories, and programs to help give those you treat the best chance of returning to an active, normal life.

Philips ALS Solutions partner with customers every step of the way in the shared mission of saving lives. Discover our emergency care and resuscitation solutions.

Prēhos inc.

Prēhos is an innovative Canadian-based company providing point-of-care software solution in the field of prehospital emergency care, community paramedicine, care management and patient transportation planning and optimisation. Prēhos streamline workflows with real-time insights, optimising time and delivering critical patient information.


Qualsafe is an Ofqual-recognised Awarding Organisation offering End-Point Assessment Services and a leading Prehospital Care, Ambulance Patient Care and Emergency Driving suite of qualifications, including the FREC® qualifications.

Rapp Australia

RAPP Australia is a family-owned leading Australian manufacturer whose two main divisions are NEANN and firelogistics. RAPP Australia specialise in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of products for use in the wider Emergency Services industry across the Globe for over 40 years.

RAPP Australia is dedicated to the ongoing support of the Emergency Services through product development and supply of fit for purpose products into these critical agencies and market sectors. RAPP Australia are continuously designing new products to meet our ever changing customer’s needs, this is done collaboratively through innovative ideas, end user experiences and the use of new technologies.

At RAPP Australia we pride ourselves in servicing our customers with deliverables that assist in a variety of different ways the user and the wider community in general. RAPP Australia produce a wide variety of other products that all adhere to RAPP Australia’s vision, which is to provide equipment that is the best available for: Effectiveness, Reliability and Safety of use.


Simulaids Ltd provides Simulation Aids For Healthcare Education, innovative products from across the world. We have been advising and supporting medical education professionals for 20+ years. We have a field-based team ready to provide product demonstrations and customer support across the UK & Ireland. As well as great service, we aim to provide excellent value for money.


Stryker and Physio-Control have been global leaders in durable emergency medical services equipment.  Recognising the value and commitment that a partnership offers today and in the future, we have joined together to enhance solutions for EMS, boost operational efficiency, help maintain EMS crew safety and deliver a new level of high-quality patient care.



The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) provides ambulance services with a central organisation that supports, coordinates and implements nationally agreed policy. It also provides the general public and other stakeholders with a central resource of information about NHS ambulance services.

College of Paramedics

The College of Paramedics is the recognised professional body for all paramedics in the UK. We exist to promote and develop the profession across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Established in 2001, we’re a membership organisation with over 20,000 members and a registered charity since 2015. Membership is open to all UK paramedics registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), student paramedics who are studying for a qualification leading to eligibility to apply for registration with the HCPC and those who have an interest in the paramedic profession and healthcare delivery.

We provide advice to members and student members alike and is a source of information and guidance for those who are considering becoming a paramedic. All members, regardless of background have access to a wide variety of learning resources that provide high quality continuing professional development (CPD) across a range of platforms and at many events held around the UK.


The Library and Knowledge Service for NHS Ambulance Services in England (LKS ASE) provides a library for nine of the ten English ambulance services*.  Our service is virtual, delivered through our website and lead by Matt Holland, Library Manager.  Our services are for all ambulance staff, including supporting the information needs of managers, researchers, continuing professional development and learners.  LKS ASE also managers amber – the home of ambulance service research a unique database of research and case studies published by ambulance services in the United Kingdom (UK).

*Excludes South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.


The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) is the only national charity that supports the mental health, physical rehabilitation, and financial wellbeing of the UK’s ambulance staff, their family members, students, and ambulance service volunteers.