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Strategic and operational support in urgent and emergency healthcare

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The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives provides commercial support services that help its clients find answers to specific issues, whilst increasing efficiencies and improving quality and outcomes.

As the UK’s representative body for public sector ambulance services, AACE is ideally placed – with all of the right contacts and expertise – to help facilitate the sharing of best practice and the provision of high level advice and guidance to any organisation involved in the delivery of urgent or emergency healthcare.

AACE works with a range of clients within the UK and from abroad, especially those involved in pre-hospital care via an ambulance service that is set up to deliver care to high volumes of people via a public sector service.

However, the expertise that rests within AACE can also be applied to organisations and jurisdictions that provide their local populations with private healthcare solutions too.

AACE can advise private sector organisations that may have a requirement to have specialist healthcare provision in place for their workforce, customers or local communities.

Expert advice and support in ambulance service management

AACE provides its clients with audit, assurance and advisory services. We help examine an organisation’s operational processes and procedures and then deliver ideas, support and guidance for practical improvements in performance.

AACE’s specialist advisors have many years of senior NHS ambulance experience – both strategic and operational – and can work as part of the client’s team to identify new ways of working to bring ideas from best practice elsewhere and implement change.

Our knowledge in your hands

Some specific services that AACE offer include:

Strategic programme development

  • Ideas generation, strategic planning and implementation of programmes to correct specific problems or issues, and improve operational performance.
  • The provision of audit and assurance programmes to ensure compliance with all UK National Health Service (NHS) standard operating procedures, clinical quality requirements and other mandatory legal or financial requirements related to the management and operational aspects of a public ambulance service.
  • Provision of ‘critical friend’ advisory support to help improve specific aspects of the client’s organisation.
  • Undertaking strategic reviews of ambulance services or specific parts of ambulance services.
  • Benchmarking services against high-performing NHS ambulance service organisations and ensuring compatibility, communication and mutual understanding between second and third party partners.

Mentoring services

  • Provision of specialist, experienced AACE personnel to aid the individual professional development of very senior managers.
  • The delivery of operational support and advice on specific organisational performance issues.

Senior manager recruitment

  • Assistance with the identification, recruitment, appointment and mentoring of very senior personnel, up to Chief Ambulance Officer / Chief Executive Officer level.
  • Help with identifying and liaising with suitable candidates for mutually valuable secondment opportunities.

Specialist project support

  • This covers any aspect of urgent and emergency care delivery that is deemed to be a specialist area, such as Emergency Preparedness Resilience & Response (EPRR), technical rescue, interoperability, ambulance radio communications and so on.
  • Implementation of Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) – style capabilities.
  • The provision of emergency planning reviews including audits of CBRNe capabilities.


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Other staff members may be involved in specialist project assignments where their skills are relevant.

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