Keeping PAACE

Every quarter AACE publishes a selection of topical, national ambulance related news and reports for UK ambulance service employees. You can recap them here.

AACE - KEEPING P'AACE ISSUE 10 SPRING 2024 F fcIssue 10: Spring 2024

  • Diversifying union stewards – what unions like UNISON are doing to create a sense of belonging in the ambulance workforce.
  • Out of hospital cardiac arrest and health inequalities report – supported by NHS Charities Together, AACE has published a report to highlight opportunities to make improvements to the chain of survival and to address health inequalities in cardiac arrest.
  • Ambulance service culture review – following the publication of former SECAmb chief executive officer Siobhan Melia’s culture review of ambulance trusts in February 2024, the first delivery board meeting pledges to move at pace to deliver the six key recommendations.
  • AACE’s key strategic priorities for 2024-2025 – what has been achieved in the previous year and a look ahead to workplans and key areas of focus for the new financial year.
  • Safe In The Back – AACE are reminding everyone to be aware of the campaign messages,  placing emphasis on the importance of ensuring staff and patients are secured whilst travelling. so that injuries and even death of staff or our patients are prevented.

AACE - KEEPING P'AACE ISSUE 9 WINTER 2024F Front CoverIssue 9: Winter 2024

  • The AACE vision for the NHS ambulance sector – what we think the healthcare landscape will look like in the future and how ambulance services need to adapt to play their full part.
  • The TASC phoneline – how their collaboration with AACE and the ambulance services has been instrumental in making the first year a success.
  • The AACE cultural calendar – our 2024 cultural calendar is an aid to support ambulance service employees and volunteers to appreciate and recognise the vibrancy in the communities we serve.
  • The ambulance volunteering dashboard – designed to share information about who volunteers for ambulance services and the impact they have through their volunteering.

AACE - KEEPING P'AACE ISSUE 8 AUTUMN 2023 Front coverIssue 8: Autumn 2023

  • A review of the 2023 Ambulance Leadership Forum.
  • The launch of AACE’s Reducing Misogyny documents, aimed at improving sexual safety in the ambulance service. 
  • The Ambulance Radio Programme: how the ARP delivers crucial technological solutions to ambulance trusts across the UK to ensure effective communications between trusts, the NHS, and other emergency responders. 
  • The provision of sanitary products at Yorkshire Ambulance Service: find out how YAS responded to an identified need amongst its female workforce, which has increased feelings of support whilst removing the need to purchase sanitary products during shift time.

AACE - KEEPING P'AACE ISSUE 7 SUMMER 2023 front coverIssue 7: Summer 2023

  • The AACE Strategic Approach for 2023 to 2026.
  • The launch of AACE’s #SafeInTheBack Campaign, highlighting the serious implications of not wearing seatbelts or harnessing patients properly in the back of ambulance vehicles.
  • Reducing Health Inequalities: how AACE brought partners together to develop and launch a national consensus approach to support ambulance services and their Integrated Care Systems in reducing health inequalities.
  • The Story of JRCALC JRCALC is best known for the production of clinical guidelines for UK paramedics, often referred to as just the ‘JRCALC guidelines’. The guidelines are produced by JRCALC for NHS ambulance service paramedics, on behalf of AACE.

KEEPING P'AACE ISSUE 6 SPRING 2023 V2 Front coverIssue 6: Spring 2023

  • The launch of the National Ambulance Volunteering Strategy
  • AACE’s Strategic Priorities: your views are sought on the main areas we should focus on – at national level – on your behalf
  • Listening to Workers: a review of the FTSU report on the ambulance service culture
  • Reducing the risks of distressing and aggressive behaviours directed towards ambulance staff: an update on the work of the AACE Violence Prevention and Reduction Hub

KEEPING P'AACE ISSUE 5 WINTER 2023 front coverIssue 5: Winter 2023

  • A new year message of thanks to all ambulance employees from AACE Chair Daren Mochrie
  • The nationwide Infection, Protection and Control survey for ambulance staff and volunteers
  • The 2021-22 AACE Annual Report
  • The successful launch of TASC’s Suicide Prevention Phoneline


Issue 4: Autumn 2022

  • How the Ambulance sector united in grief at the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Why a diverse ambulance uniform offer matters
  • The value of LKS ASE Library Services
  • How ALF 2022 brought the ambulance sector back together



Issue 3: Summer 2022

  • Ambulance CEO update from Jason Killens
  • A progress update on Delayed Hospital Handovers
  • The latest from the National Ambulance Disability Network




Issue 2: Spring 2022

  • The Mental Health Continuum
  • Reducing Violence and Aggression
  • Women In Leadership
  • Anti Racism




Issue 1: Winter 2021

  • Delayed Hospital Handovers
  • The national IPC survey
  • Health and Wellbeing in ambulance services
  • An overview of AACE