Managing Ambulance Fatigue




Uncomfortable Conversations:
Managing Ambulance Fatigue

AACE and the College of Paramedics held a Zoom call in July 2022 to increase awareness of sleep health and fatigue, how it impacts staff and patient experiences, and what we can do differently.  All ambulance service staff were invited to join us.

For those unable to join, a recording of the session is available here.

A copy of the slides is available here.

>> Attendees to this call can download the Certificate of Attendance here. <<


The session was facilitated by Kristy Sanderson, CATNAPS Chief Investigator:
(Co-producing an Ambulance Trust National fatigue risk management system for improved Staff And Patient Safety), and Anna Parry, Deputy Managing Director, AACE, with Liz Harris, College of Paramedics, providing wellbeing support on the day


Tom Abell, Chief Executive, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Welcome and introductions

Jonathan Rogers, Paramedic, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust
A personal experience of the consequences of fatigue at work

Nancy Redfern, Consultant Anaesthetist, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals
Fighting fatigue in the NHS

Jackie Townsend, Managing Director, Tram Operations Limited (First Tram)
Learning from other high-risk industries

Fay McNicol, Head of Health & Safety, Scottish Ambulance Service &
James Wilkie, Demand & Capacity Programme Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service
A case study on managing fatigue

Kristy Sanderson, CATNAPS Chief Investigator, University of East Anglia
The CATNAPS study and ways to be involved

Chat facilitators:

Chiara Lombardo – CATNAPS Study Manager / Organisational Psychologist
Matondo Manzeninga – Paramedic, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust



Fatigue & Sleep Deprivation Guidance – The BMA

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