The Mental Health Continuum




The mental health continuum

In March 2022, AACE and the College of Paramedics invited all UK NHS ambulance service employees and volunteers to hear about the new bespoke mental health continuum for the sector.

What is the mental health continuum?

The mental health continuum is a tool which helps us to think about our wellbeing and what actions we can take to improve it. The mental health continuum helps us to identify where our mental health is low.

For those unable to attend or would like to recap, a recording is available below.
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Mental health is not an all or nothing concept – it can change frequently. Mental health is affected by lots of things such as work, home life, bereavement, ill health and more.  Even positive things can affect our mental health, such as the pressure after getting a promotion or the stress of a house move.

We will all experience difficulties at some point during our life.  A continuum is used to show that we can move between the different states of wellbeing; thriving, surviving, struggling and crisis.

As well as learning about the continuum, we also heard from Karol Kuczera, a senior clinical leader and psychotherapist, who spoke about understanding trauma in healthcare.


The session was facilitated by Anna Parry, Deputy Managing Director, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives and Liz Harris, Head of Professional Standards, College of Paramedics.


Dr Jaimee Wylam
Speciality Registrar in Public Health

Karol Kuczera
Senior Clinical Leader and Psychotherapist

Daren Mochrie
CEO, NWAS and Chair, AACE

Craig Hayden
Advanced Practitioner / Suicide Prevention Lead, NWAS

Kerry Gulliver
Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, EMAS

Jayne Phoenix
Deputy Chair, National Ambulance BME Forum


Mental Health Continuum for the Ambulance Sector – Background and Evidence Review

How to use the Mental Health Continuum 

The Mental Health Continuum – Visual Aid


Understanding Trauma in Healthcare – Karol Kuczera & Giles Allen

Mental Health Continuum for the Ambulance Sector – Jaimee Wylam

Attendees to this event are entitled to download this Certificate of Attendance.