About AACE

The role of AACE

logo-aaceThe Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) was established in 2011 to provide ambulance services with an organisation that can support, coordinate and implement nationally agreed policy.

It also provides the general public and other stakeholders with a central resource of information about NHS ambulance services.

Whether for patient care, operational policy or emergency preparedness, the Association exists to support its members and to act as the interface between them and their stakeholders.

It provides a structure to co-ordinate, manage and implement key national work programmes and policy that are fundamental to the ongoing improvement of UK ambulance services and the development of patient care.

The AACE Council

The Council is chaired by Prof Keith Willett, Chair of South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, and consists of all the Chairs and Chief Executives of the English Ambulance Trusts.

It plays a vital role in setting our strategic direction, agreeing each year’s objectives and focus in terms of lobbying and influencing. The Council also receives regular updates on progress against these objectives throughout the year.

The Council has a wealth of expertise both from within the NHS and externally being made up of a mix of highly experienced CEOs and a group of Chairs who bring an additional vital skill set which is often coupled with extensive private and commercial sector experience.

AACE was established after it had become increasingly apparent that the less formal meetings of ambulance chief executives needed a central organising body with the ability to co-ordinate national strategy for ambulance services.

The Association helps individual ambulance services to work more closely together, to ensure greater efficiency and provide an important link with partners, particularly other emergency services.

Steve Irving
Executive Officer, AACE