Our full remit

Strategy and Co-ordination

AACE STRATEGIC APPROACH 2023-2026 front coverThe Association of Ambulance Chief Executives is a key point of contact with the ambulance services’ main partner agencies at national level – in particular the Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England & ImprovementHealth Education England, the NHS Confederation,  NHS Providers, the National Police Chiefs Council and the National Fire Chiefs Council.

Read the AACE Strategic Approach 2023-2026 here.

Building on the work of the Ambulance Chief Executives Group (ACEG), the Association enables Chief Executives to have a greater say in national policy development.

The AACE is a dynamic organisation that exists to ensure that strategic plans are translated into action. For example, each Ambulance CEO has an agreed set of objectives and national workstream which they are responsible for taking forward.

Delivery and implementation

The AACE provides co-ordination for the work programmes of many key national director groups including Ambulance Chief Executives, Medical, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Strategy & Transformation, Digital, Quality Improvement, Governance & Risk and Communications.

The work programmes include critical national projects on emergency resilience, clinical practice guidelines, clinical and operational performance and the development of new services.

Performance and efficiency

A key aim of the Association is to ensure that ambulance services share their knowledge and skills to better meet the emerging challenges and opportunities facing all ambulance services.

Encouraging more efficient use of ambulance service resources through closer working (for example through national procurement initiatives) is also a key aim of each work stream.

Working more closely together on a broad range of national work programmes, to an agreed national strategy, will bring improvements to patient care.

Taking the lead

The Association works closely with other bodies to ensure that the voices of the ambulance services are heard more clearly.

AACE strives to be the first point of call for a range of enquiries and consultations about ambulance service provision from many stakeholders, including politicians, the Department of Health and our regulatory bodies CQC and NHS England & Improvement – as well as international colleagues, the general public and media.