Barry Thurston

Barry Thurston
IMT Systems


Barry started work in ambulance services in the mid 80’s as a call taker in the control rooms at West Midlands Ambulance Service and quickly moved into technology, supporting West Midlands to become one of the first Trusts to move onto a computerised system for call taking and dispatch.

Barry led the control systems development team at West Midlands who were responsible for a number of innovations including vehicle tracking and address location systems. The team were responsible for delivery of ambulance control systems to a number of Trusts in the UK.

Barry has over 20 years of board level experience, both in Operations and Technology, and has also led projects at a national level including the Ambulance Radio Programme which delivered the current radio system out to all UK ambulance services.

Barry finished work in 2104 as the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive for the West Midlands Ambulance Service, leaving to work primarily in technology delivery for ambulance services. Barry has since been involved in the delivery of technical solutions in a number of ambulance services for both 999 and 111 programmes of work in a number of services both home and abroad.