Sexual Safety / Reverse Mentoring

Session Information

Bronwyn Biddle: Empowering & Amplifying Voices.

WAST share learning from their first sexism and sexual safety at work survey, as part of the WAST journey of addressing misogyny and sexual safety.

Together with WAST CEO Jason Killens, you will hear how WAST are pioneering a lived experience led approach to addressing systemic issues.

Key learning points
– Stop stamping it out and start listening
– Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
– Don’t neglect intersectionality
– How colleagues respond differently
– The decision to be proactive with the media
– Why leadership matters

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Hosted by Cathryn James, AACE.

Session Speakers

Bronwyn Biddle

Bron Biddle

Programme Lead - Reducing Misogyny & Improving Sexual Safety

Jason Killens WAST CEO

Jason Killens KAM

Welsh Ambulance Service