Ambulance Leadership Forum 2022 Presentations

For those who were unable to attend #ALF2022 or would simply like a recap, recordings of the sessions are available here.  You can view the full Agenda here.

Day 1 – Tuesday 6th September: AM

Daren Mochrie
Welcome and Overview

Amanda Pritchard

Keynote Address


The Urgent and Emergency Care Strategy
Panel discussion introduced by Iain Pickles, NHS England, featuring:

Daren Mochrie QAM (England)
Pauline Howie OBE (Scotland)
Jason Killens (Wales)
Michael Bloomfield (Northern Ireland)

Leadership Journeys
Speaker session led by Lena Samuels.

Suzanne Rastrick OBE
Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (England)
Salman Desai
Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Transformation, NWAS

Dr Andrew Furber OBE 
Regional Director Public Health; Office of Health Improvement and Disparities
Public Health is Business as Usual

Tuesday 6th September: PM

Research & Evaluation Relevant to Service Provision

Tim Hayes
Abstract 1:
Why UK Paramedics are Leaving Ambulance Services to work clinically elsewhere in the NHS

Alison Porter
Abstract 2:
‘Every day was a learning curve’: the experience of implementing Covid-19 triage protocols in UK ambulance services

Pete Eaton-Williams
Abstract 3:
“See us as humans. Speak to us with respect. Listen to us.” A qualitative report on ambulance staff requirements of leadership whilst working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Karina Catley
Abstract 4:
Can a specialist End of Life Care Response Model meet patient, staff and service needs?

Benjamin Haselwood
Abstract 5: 
The Perpetuating Elements Paradigm: Optimising motivation and self-development potential within the leadership, education and clinical domains

Phil Bevan 
Founder and Chief Engineer, IntegroE & International Ambulances
Delegates’ Vote & Winner’s Presentation

Matthew Taylor CBE
CEO NHS Confederation

Reflections on Current Opportunities and Challenges

Intersectionality (ambulance sector networks)

Dawn Whelan
Ambulance Disability Network
Agatha Nortley-Meshe
Ambulance BME Forum
Alistair Gunn
Ambulance LGBT+ Network

Effective & Impactful Engagement with ICS/ICBs

Lena Samuels
Chair, Hampshire & Isle of Wight
Daniel Elkeles
CEO London Ambulance Service
Saffron Cordery
Interim CEO, NHS Providers
David Sissling
Chair, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICS

Diversity 4.0 – What we are doing to move the dial in the NHS

Karl George & Joel Blake OBE
RSM UK Consulting LLP  (Live Stream)

Day 2 – Wednesday 7th September

Wednesday 7th September: AM
Stream 1

Ambulance Data Set
Steven Scholes
Clinical Lead for UEC Transformation & Consultant Practitioner, NWAS

Ambulance Radio Programme
Duncan Bray

Head of Programmes
Chris Lucas
Senior User, NHS ARP


How does Digital enable and transform the Ambulance sector?
Jill Lanham
Director of Digital, SCAS

NWAS Digital Improvements
Matt Dugdale
Head of Clinical & Digital Innovation, NWAS
Lynsey Dunn
Head of Digital Services, NWAS

Urgent Community Response services: reducing pressures on emergency departments and ambulance services
Rebecca Veazey
NHS England UCR Policy and Delivery Lead, NHS England

(Video TBC)

Introducing your Ambulance Auxiliary: how to get the best from it
Craig Harman
Interim Chief Operating Officer

Wednesday 7th September: AM
Stream 2

Turning the Blue Lights Green
Alexis Percival
Environmental & Sustainability Manager, YAS

The Road to Zero Emission Ambulance Fleets
Paul Chandler
Deputy Director
Net Zero Travel & Transport Team, NHS England

On the Journey to Zero Emissions: Challenges and Opportunities for Emergency Services
Ron Dobson CBE QFSM
Head of Future Business – Security/Land, Babcock International Group

Reflections of a Black Muslim paramedic
Hafsa Mahumud
University of East Anglia

Wednesday 7th September: AM
Stream 3

Improving Staff Experience and Retention
John Drew

Director of Staff Experience and Engagement, NHSE

Ambulance Staff Experiences of Menopause Transition ‘Cessation’
Theresa Foster
Head of Research, EEAST

Employee Suicide Prevention Pathway
Karl Demian
Chief Executive Officer, The Ambulance Staff Charity
Diane Scott
Chair, The Ambulance Staff Charity

Developing a national consensus on health inequalities for the ambulance sector
Ruth Crabtree
Public Health Lead, YAS
Christine Camacho
Public Health Registrar, NWAS

Commissioning Mental Health Services
Sonya Mclean

Senior Programme Manager, Mental Health Crisis Care
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board

Wednesday 7th September: AM
Stream 4

GIRFT – Frailty
Prof Tim Briggs CBE

National Director for Clinical Quality and Efficiency for the NHS

Avoidable Conveyance Repository
Hilary Pillin

Urgent & Emergency Care Strategy Advisor, AACE

Clinical Leadership
Tracy Nicholls
CEO, College of Paramedics
Liz Harris
Head of Professional Standards, College of Paramedics

Ambulance Sector Volunteering
Helen Vine

Strategic Lead for Volunteering, AACE
Emma Valentine

Voluntary Partnerships Lead, NHS England

Managing Fatigue
Prof Kristy Sanderson

Chair in Applied Health Research, School of Health Sciences
University of East Anglia

Freedom to speak up: Reflections
Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE
Non-Executive Director, SCAS

Wednesday 7th September: PM

Panel Discussion: Patient Flow and Handover delays
Maxine Power
ED of Quality, Innovation and Improvement, NWAS
Mark Docherty
ED of Nursing and Clinical Commissioning, WMAS
Naomi Rees-Issitt
Patient Advocate
Ned Hobbs
COO, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Hilary Pillin
Urgent & Emergency Care Strategy Advisor, AACE

Chris Hopson
Chief Strategy Officer, NHS England

Where is the NHS Up To and What Comes Next?

Anna Parry
Deputy Managing Director, AACE