Compassionate Conversations




“Compassionate Conversations”

The focus for our specialist Zoom call – held on Thursday 7 May, 2-3pm – was on the compassionate conversations elements of the Managing Symptoms (Including End of Life) in the Community guidance recently produced by ambulance services medical directors, and also available on the JRCALC App.

We invited all NHS ambulance service staff to hear from external and internal experts with the aim of offering additional guidance, support, tools and reassurance in relation to this challenging area of practice, particularly in the context of Covid-19.

A recording of the session is available here.
We advise starting the video at 5m 25 secs.


The session was facilitated by Anna Parry, Deputy Managing Director at Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, and Ian Baines, Transformation Consultant at NHS Horizons.


Dr Kathryn Mannix
Palliative Care Consultant, Cognitive Therapist, Author

Kathryn Mannix is a palliative care consultant and cognitive therapist with 30 years experience delivering palliative care in hospitals, hospices and patients’ own homes. She campaigns for better public understanding and discussion of dying, and her book about the way people live while they are dying, ‘With the End in Mind’, has become an international best seller. She’s still getting over her surprise.

Dr Claire Green and Elaine Bramhall
Senior Trainers at the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit

The Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit is based in the School of Oncology at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, one of Europe’s leading cancer centres. The Unit has unrivalled expertise, and contributes to the development and delivery of training in communication skills locally, nationally and internationally.

Dr Leon Roberts
Medical Director, East Midlands Ambulance Service,
End of Life Care Lead, National Ambulance Services Medical Directors, AACE

Jo Stonehouse
Cancer Care Project Manager, South Western Ambulance Service,
End of Life Leads Group Chair, AACE
End of Life Care Lead, College of Paramedics

Andrew Hodge
Consultant Paramedic Urgent Care, Yorkshire Ambulance Service


Liz Harris
Head of Professional Standards, College of Paramedics

Cathryn James
Clinical Support Manager for Association of Ambulance Chief Executives /
National Ambulance Services Medical Directors (NASMeD) / JRCALC

Faye McGuinness
Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes (Strategy and Development), Mind

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