Sexual Assault 2017 guideline

Description: This guideline has been significantly updated.- Sexual assault may be concurrent with other injuries that will need treating.- The decision to report a sexual assault on an adult is entirely the decision of the victim. There is no statutory obligation for victims of sexual violence to report to police and many victims elect not to report to protect their safety, privacy or both.- Where the victim requests police involvement, forensic awareness is essential. Within the limits of any immediate care needs, there is a responsibility to preserve evidence.- Sexual Assault Referral Centres provide recent victims of sexual assault with immediate care and crisis support from specialist staff trained to allow patients to make informed decisions.- Patients refusing referral to support services place a duty of care on clinicians to ensure their immediate safety. Encouraging patients to call a friend or relative for support is a priority. In these cases, patients should be given details of their nearest GUM clinic and rape crisisservices.
Date Update Posted Online: September 7, 2017
Book: Reference Edition
Section Title: Sexual Assault
Guidelines Print Date: September 20, 2017
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