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Best Practice at East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Improving the mental health and resilience of our people

The ambulance service has been under increasing pressure for a number of years. The levels of stress can have a big and often hidden impact on wellbeing. EMAS recognise our people are our greatest asset.

We believe that compassion focused approaches to mental health is everyone’s responsibility. As such we are investing in a number of positive and proactive ways to improve mental health, wellbeing and our organisational culture.

Our integrated strategy will focus on tackling stigma, early intervention, timely access to high quality care in a crisis and wellness recovery action planning to reduce risk of further episodes.

Specifically the My Resilience Matters programme focuses on signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, the impact this has on our activities of daily living and productive coping strategies to stay well.

“My Resilience Matters” uses infographics and materials in an integrated programme to identify the signs and symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. The programme covers awareness, impact on functioning, early intervention, support related at risk mental state assessment/suicide risk management and recovery action planning to prevent relapse.

It is linked to wider engagement and organisational learning to ensure positive action is taken to improve organisational culture.

Emphasis is made on the 5 ways to wellbeing, including;


How we connect: being open and honest about worries, thoughts and feelings with people we trust

Keep learning: what has worked in the past and any new strategies for the future

Give: the value we get from helping others

Take notice: Think through what’s happened and its impact on you and your relationships

Be Active: regular exercise helps build feel good emotions and provides space to think

We have evaluated the sustainability and impact of this locally using our QI methodology and it has reduced episodes of ill health and improved team working where targeted to the 600 staff who have completed the workshop to date.


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