Association of Ambulance Chief Executives’ initial response to publication of Volume II of the Manchester Arena Inquiry report

Managing Director of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives Martin Flaherty OBE, QAM said:

In line with our national sector partners in Police and Fire and Rescue, we will be carefully examining this report and its implications for improvements in how the emergency services respond effectively together to the type of devastating and complicated large-scale terrorist attack that occurred in Manchester on 22 May 2017.

Across the ambulance sector plans are well advanced and specialist resources are in place to respond to a range of mass casualty incidents which are regularly tested in emergency preparedness, resilience and response exercises in conjunction with NHS England. We are always looking for ways to make these responses more effective and to protect more lives wherever possible.

Today, however, our thoughts are with those who died on that fateful evening, alongside those who suffered life-changing injuries – as well as their families and friends.