NHS leaders pay tribute to NHS staff who treated victims of London and Manchester terror attacks

Stephen Dorrell, chairman of the NHS Confederation, spoke at Confed17 where he paid specific tribute to NHS staff who treated the victims of the recent terror atrocities, saying;


In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, I also think of the staff who were doing a routine A&E shift, and were presented without warning with young people who had been on a night out and found themselves in a battle zone.

I think of the staff who were themselves off duty on those nights but who saw what was happening and ran not away from but towards the danger; and I think particularly in that connection of Kirsty Boden, the off duty nurse from Guy’s hospital whose selfless courage cost her her life.

The extraordinary thing about these examples is precisely that they are not extraordinary – they are the daily practice of those who work in the health and care system; their commitment is an inspiration and we should never ever allow ourselves to take it for granted.

A video of the opening session is available here.