Registration opens for participants in the UK Emergency Services Games

The UK Emergency Services Games (UKESG) provide a stage where all emergency services employees, immediate family and those retired from the services have the chance to compete against each other on a national level.

The Games are about supporting services to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, recognising the positive benefits of sports participation on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether grassroots or elite, your participation is what matters!

UKESG describe their Mission Statement as:

To provide funding to:

  • Agencies which will support the mental wellbeing of Emergency Service staff, and other such local charitable causes as proposed by Emergency Services around the UK
  • Enable people to take the first steps, to a better mental and physical state, no matter their age, gender, race, ability or background to maintain that journey and to challenge inequality in sport participation
  • Adhere to our 6 key principles & values

Key Principles & Values

  1. Recognition: We recognise the commitment to serve by all UK Emergency Services staff “who turn out for us, the public, no matter what”
  2. Health & Wellbeing: We promote and actively support mental and physical wellbeing to ensure UK Emergency Services staff are better equipped to cope and serve
  3. Participation: We ensure participation for all is on a level playing field – “uniforms on or off, we are all equal”
  4. Ambition: We structure the Games to provide serious competition, graded by age & gender, to recognise the drive to win. Our ambition is at the same time to encourage those who simply want to participate, acknowledging a PB is just as rewarding as finishing first.
  5. Community: We will create for the Emergency Services a community with a sense of belonging during this difficult and fractured society
  6. Quality: We will demonstrate that we are great at running events in the UK.

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