The pandemic means the health and wellbeing of ambulance people is more important than ever

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact upon ambulance service employees and volunteers, the health and wellbeing of our people is more important than ever. 

At AACE, we have been working closely with people from ambulance services, as well as external stakeholders, such as The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC), Mind, Samaritans, the College of Paramedics, The Royal Foundation, Public Health England and NHS England and Improvement to improve the availability of high-quality mental health and wellbeing support for ambulance service staff.

If you’re finding life difficult, for whatever reason, please reach out for support – to your colleagues, your manager, your family, TASC or others.
Some of the available supporting resources can be found here.

In addition, we have been focusing on what more we can do nationally to prevent ambulance service staff and volunteers taking their own lives.
Further information about this work can be found here.

AACE are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this work, and to the many thousands of you who have supported – and continue to support – each other in ambulance services across the UK.