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Ripping Off The Sticking Plaster

NHS Confederation report on Whole-system Solutions for Urgent and Emergency Care

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat

Improving outcomes for people experiencing mental health crisis

Safer, Faster, Better – good practice in delivering urgent and emergency care

A guide for local health and social care communities

Ambulance 2020 and beyond – the AACE vision

A vision for the ambulance service: ‘2020 and beyond’ and the steps to its realisation

Keith Willett – Urgent and Emergency Care: The New Landscape

9 Feb 2016 – ALF Conference Presentation

Bob Williams – Devolution Manchester: The NWAS Perspective

9 Feb 2016 – ALF Conference Presentation

Janette Turner – Managing Urgent Care Outside Hospital

9 Feb 2016 – ALF Conference Presentation

Phil Foster – West Yorkshire UEC Vanguard

9 Feb 2016 – ALF Conference Presentation

Social and Digital Media at West Midlands Police – Dan Barton

10 Feb 2016 – ALF Workshop

APS Statement from AACE, BASICs and the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

Approved Practice Settings (APS) guidance relating to Pre-Hospital doctors working with NHS ambulance trusts