AACE sign up to mental health anti-stigma pledge

The AACE today became the latest organisation to join the growing number of emergency service employers, associations and support organisations showing their commitment to ending mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace by outlining its intention to sign the Blue Light Time to Change Associations pledge.

The signing will take place on 17th November and representatives from AACE will pledge their support to the Blue Light Programme, promoting a better understanding of mental health problems while offering support and wellbeing advice to their members, staff and volunteers.

The AACE joins the wide movement of emergency service employers, associations and support organisations that have pledged to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination, including Derbyshire Fire & Rescue, Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent Police, Leicestershire Police, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Staffordshire Police, Surrey Police, Sussex Police and Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, said:

Not only are many of our blue light personnel struggling with their mental health, but they’re less likely to seek support or have time off sick than the general workforce. Good mental health should be a priority in any workplace but it is especially important that people exposed to traumatic of life-threatening situations – such as those working within the police, ambulance, fire and search and rescue services – receive appropriate and timely support.

We recognise the vital role organisations and associations that support the emergency services can play in promoting mental health and challenging stigma.

By signing the Blue Light Associations pledge, the AACE is helping to fight stigma and promote positive mental health for their staff, volunteers, and the emergency services they support.”

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