EEAST CEO Tom Abell reflects on the immense impact and value of Ambulance Volunteers

eeast ceo Tom Abell

“As we celebrate National Volunteers Week, it’s important to reflect on the immense value and impact that volunteers bring to the ambulance sector. Each day, dedicated volunteers donate their time, energy, and compassion, playing an integral role in our operations and our community’s health and safety.

Volunteers in the ambulance sector are often among the first to respond in times of crisis. Their willingness to step forward where help is needed most — not only in emergencies but also in helping keep our communities well, alongside community engagement — embodies the spirit of service.

This week, we honour and thank our volunteers. Their altruism and dedication not only enrich our sector but also set a profound example of service to our communities.

Thank you to all our volunteers. Your selflessness does not go unnoticed, and your impact cannot be overstated.

Let’s keep the spirit of volunteering alive, not just this week, but throughout the year.”

Tom Abell, CEO
East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust