PHE and AACE publish discussion paper: “Developing a Public Health Approach within the Ambulance Sector”

A discussion paper from PHE and AACE

Public Health England and AACE have launched a new discussion paper designed to introduce the key principles of a public health approach and how it relates to the ambulance sector.

The publication ‘Developing a Public Health Approach within the Ambulance Sector’ is available here.

Co-Author Sandra James of Public Health England, says:

While some ambulance trusts are further along on their journey to a public health approach, others are still beginning theirs.

It is very much about sparking the imagination of senior managers within NHS ambulance services to embed a public health approach to the way they operate on a day-to-day basis.

Our new publication discusses the important role of the ambulance service in contributing to improvements in population health and tackling health inequalities in society.

Co-Author Ruth Crabtree of Yorkshire Ambulance Service adds:

Adopting a public health approach will have many benefits for local populations as well as ambulance trusts themselves.

We hope that this new publication will support ambulance trusts to stimulate discussion internally and with the wider system and help support the process of embedding this positive way of working in a consistent way across the whole ambulance sector.

Read the Discussion Paper here.