Spotlight on AACE’s Anti-Racism promises: January




This January we are shining a spotlight on the Positive Action Project at North East Ambulance Service (NEAS)

During 2020 the North East Ambulance Service launched a Positive Action Project, targeting messaging and resources to people from a range of ethnic minority communities following a successful external funding bid.

The project promoted NEAS’ range of services and how to access them. It also raised awareness of the COVID-19 vaccine (and dispelled the myths), covered emergency first aid and health inequalities, and promoted employment and volunteering opportunities.

The project has also created a new volunteering opportunity as a community ambassador, as well as recruiting and training over 60 people working directly in seldom-heard communities.

To date, it has been a great success and NEAS are looking to develop it further in 2022/23 and beyond.

Many thanks to Loveness Scott and Mark Johns at NEAS for leading on this work.

We’ll continue to post our Spotlight updates each month in our website’s News section and via Twitter at @AACE_Org.

You can find more information about our anti-racism promises, along with messages from all of our Ambulance Trust CEOs on our Stamping Out Racism page.