Spotlight on AACE’s Anti-Racism promises: July




This July as part of our Spotlight on Racism feature, West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust are highlighting their work addressing ‘unconscious bias in the workplace.’

What is Unconscious Bias?

The term ‘unconscious bias’ refers to when an individual demonstrates a prejudice of which they are unaware, based on stereotypical ideas and preconceived conceptions. This bias could be directed towards a person or a situation, and the individual displaying it is not conscious that they are doing so.

Our brains naturally form biases by using knowledge of stereotypes, cultures, and other assumptions of the situation or individual.

Unconscious bias is often unfair. It can be used to create labels and stereotypes about other people based on particular characteristics.  It can occur in any situation, but it is commonly experienced in the workplace.

The Equality Act 2010 gives those affected  a voice to raise concerns and formally challenge unfair treatment.

Unconscious biases can hinder decision-making, impact team dynamics and leadership styles, and limit company diversity.

This, in turn, can reduce equal opportunities for team members and job applicants.

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We can all be guilty of this without realising, and WMAS have shared the steps they have taken to tackle the issue head on. They have introduced training sessions on unconscious bias which will be run by their Trust Diversity & Inclusion Lead, when required, to support their staff.  Learn more about this work here.

With kind thanks to Ramzan Mohammed, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, West Midlands Ambulance Service Headquarters, who shares how this is being addressed in WMAS and how they are encouraging staff to speak up.

We’ll continue to post our Spotlight updates each month in our website’s News section and via Twitter at @AACE_Org.

You can find more information about our anti-racism promises, along with messages from all of our Ambulance Trust CEOs on our Stamping Out Racism page.