Valuing Difference & Embracing Diversity in Ambulance Services with Project D

Valuing Difference and Embracing Diversity in Ambulance Services

A report of the #ProjectD Accelerated Design Event, held on Thursday 5th September 2019.

Over 100 ambulance leaders, paramedics, staff and critical friends from the English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish Ambulance services came together on 5th September to explore ways to co-create actions and next steps of embedding and valuing difference in ambulance services.

The aims of the ADE were to:

  • Enable a wide group of ambulance staff and service users to contribute their energy and experience to improving diversity and valuing difference within the ambulance service.
  • Build energy, enthusiasm for change and hearing from everyone about diversity and valuing difference.
  • Identify the areas that could be encompassed within a programme of work and shared aims of the service.
  • Agree a clear set of next steps.

The event was facilitated by Helen Bevan from the NHS Horizons team in collaboration with the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, utilising an “accelerated design” methodology, with the goal of covering as much work in a day as might take two months using conventional methods of engagement.

You can read the report of the day here.